1901 SW 101 AVE Miramar FL 33025

RCF Sub Rental

The SUB 8004-AS is one of the most powerful 18” subwoofers in pro-sound category. Featuring a high power, hypervented 18” woofer, with 4” inside/outside voice coils, this cabinet is designed to deliver a serious amount of low frequency. Powered by a 1250W digital amplifier module, the SUB 8004-AS can perform in the most demanding situations. The input board includes volume control, deep/punch switch, high pass switch, phase switch, cardioid, time delay.


  •  2500 Watt Peak, 1250 Watt RMS
  •  136 dB max SPL
  •  30 Hz – 120 Hz frequency response
  •  18″ Woofer, 4.0″ voice coil vented woofer
  •  DSP controlled Input section with selectable presets
  •  Delay control
  •  Baltic birch tour grade cabinet
  •  Compatible with NXL23-A (stacking)
  •  Compatible with NXL24-A (stacking)
  •  Multiple configurations with HDL 10-A and HDL 20-A

For more info, visit the RCF Product page for this Sub.